Creation of self-confidence

There are some advises how to become more confident as a parent if your child is in intensive care department:

  • if it is your first child, you should remember that all newly made parents feel alarm and uncertainty. Of course, these feelings are more intensive because your child is in intensive care department, but they are natural, and they are a part of your life.
  • even as experienced parent, you can be frightened. Remember that it is always quite a complicated moment in life when your child is in intensive care department. It is natural to feel as the beginner when you learn so much new.
  • be patient to yourself when you feel awkwardly or indecisively. Nobody expects that you know how to behave with the prematurely born child.
  • if you are afraid to make mistakes or to show your inexperience, don’t take steps for communication with the child. Try to tell medical staff that you are not sure of yourself.

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