Festival of the Finnish Tango in Minsk!

Today we received photos from the talented photographer, our friend, Alexey Moysevich and we have plunged into the atmosphere and emotions of this festival one more time!
For someone this day was grey, cold, rainy, windy, etc. But only not for the team of “Baby Story”! To us it was very warm and joyful day. We had an opportunity to tell about our warmest projects “Socks for life” and “Wonderful octopuses Belarus” to a great number of not people. We received about one hundred wishes to prematurely born kids and their mothers written on our new tags, which we will give to with each pair of socks for life and with each wonderful octopus. In addition, how many useful tips and offers on cooperation we received from the most tender and wise, wonderful grandmothers! We carefully collected all of them and we will surely use it with pleasure!

Thank you to all who was with us and has given to us a part of their warmth, to all who has joined our common good deed, to all who has told about us to the friends, to everybody who gave us their words of support and kind wishes! Together we are a great force! Join us!

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