First republican congress of mothers “Mama-pro”

On the October 1, 2017 by the Information social and charitable institution for help to children and families “Baby Story” with the assistance of the Minsk city executive committee the First republican congress of mothers “Mama-pro”will be held. We invite experts, pregnant women, the real and future parents to take part in this event.

The action will take place in Victoria Olimp Hotel. Its main objective is to exchange experience and information in the sphere of prophylaxis of premature births, pregnancies and obstetric aid, health of mother and the child.

Within the congress participants will obtain valuable information from professionals and mothers, there will work different platforms which will make presentation of new technologies and agents of obstetric aid, the best experience and the practical work in the field of a maternity and the childhood in Belarus.

This day we will start our new project – “Mother Reads”. Everyone who will take part in the congress can bring the book for the women who are in maternity hospitals. Especially relevant it is to mothers who together with kids are in units of aftertreatment for the children born before term. All books will be transferred to maternity hospitals of Minsk.

Participation in the congress is totally free. It is possible to be registered here: c=0&w=1&includes_info_params=true

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