Going Home!

At last, this long-awaited day came and you with your kid prepare to leave the hospital!

At the child’s trip from hospital to home, the children’s chair surely has to be used! Even if you are not the owner of the car, it is necessary to lend or hire a children’s chair!

The list of rules how to transport the prematurely born child home:

  • Check whether it is convenient to the child, he can have trouble with respiration if the car seat is not in its proper position.
  • It is necessary to use only those car seats, which are turned to the driver by back.
  • Don’t use a baby’s car seat on a front seat of the car.
  • Never keep the child in a chair more time than it is necessary.
  • Never leave the child in a car seat.
  • Use a car seat only in the car.

At an extract of the prematurely born baby, the staff of intensive care department will tell you why they are ready to allow you to go home. Usually it means that the baby is already in good health and can go home.

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