It is important to know

  1. It is impossible to force or “push” the development of a child if he is not ready for it. You should not try to stimulate your child to activity if he is tired or actively resists. Violence will only upset both, the mother and the child.
  2. It is necessary to concentrate on progress of the child. In several years, it would not matter if your child started walking in 12 month or in 20.
  3. You should always consider age correction while observing your child’s and his abilities development.
  4. Prematurely born children are very sensitive new circumstances, but they are not always capable to concentrate their attention on them and get tired easily. That is why at the beginning any difficult task should be split up on parts.

Remember, during learning activity with such child it is necessary to do regular breaks on outdoor games, gymnastic warm-ups, etc.

Very often, we look on such child through such characteristic as “the stereotype of prematurely born”: when physical and mental capacities of the child are obviously perceived as limited and communication with the child is built according to this representation. Such point of view has nothing in common with care and attention, which are necessary for these weakened children.


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