Other ways to donate

Other ways to help

Except donations, there are many different ways to help prematurely born children and their families. Choose your way to help!


Participate in our actions

Our organization regularly holds different charity events in perinatal centers, hospitals and the children’s rehabilitation centers. You are welcome to participate in them and to help us in our work. Pay attention to our website, all our events will be announced there!



Your gifts for prematurely born babies and their families are welcome. It is not obligatory to buy gifts. They can be made with your own hands. For example, you can sew “nest” from flannel for nursing of prematurely born children, or you can make warm socks for babies.


Domestic needs

You also can donate as a voluntary charitable gift diapers, disposable diapers, napkins and other hygienic means, so necessary for the perinatal centers, children’s departments in hospitals and to families of our wonderful children.


Placement of our banner

You can post on your website our banner and by that to draw attention to a problem of prematurely born children, to distribute information on needs of prematurely born babies and their families.


To help at your work, office, enterprise

You can:

  • provide the information platform at your offices for information booklets and posters of our organization;
  • place in your office boxes for collecting charitable gifts;
  • carry out social and marketing actions, events and part of the money from sale of your goods / services or a part of the commission from payments transfer on charitable purposes;
  • to produce charitable products with symbols of our organization;
  • Initiate and hold charitable fairs, auctions, flashmobs in favor of wards of our organization.

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