Project: “Socks for Life”

“Baby Story” invites everyone to join our warm project – Socks for Life! We represent this international initiative for all people in Belarus who are interested to change life of prematurely born kids to the best.

Each pair of socks is an individual gift and will get to the child in maternity hospital or at its extract home. Nearly 5000 children annually are born in our country before the put term. Their full development and health is directly connected with existence of the necessary supporting funds from the birth. And woolen socks are necessary to those children not only for heat. They help a lot with process of nursing of prematurely born children and perform other important function – stimulate blood circulation and remind them that it is necessary to breathe. The improved blood circulation stimulates in turn development of internals. Woolen things don’t allow the child to stay asleep for a long time, slightly pricking him. The child wakes up, moves and begins to breathe better.

How you can participate:

  • To connect socks from wool for the prematurely born kid. Length of foot of a sock of 3-5 cm, height of a sock is 6-7 cm.
  • To present to “Baby Story” a thread for knitting socks. It is convenient to give to our coordinators Darina and Alyona, please previously give them a phone call.
  • To repost the information about Socks for Life to your friends and acquaintances in support of development of the long-term program for prematurely born kids and this project, and to make gratuitous donation, – two rubles on one pair of socks.

Our coordinators in Minsk:

  • Darina (Uruchye) ph.: +375 29 398 79 53
  • Alina (Malinovka) : + 375 29 728 29 19

They will help you to deliver you handmade socks to “Baby Story” and also will accept yarn for knitting new socks.

At least 1000 prematurely born babies in Minsk and other cities of Belarus will receive your unique handmade gifts.We plan to send the first batch of socks to maternity hospitals No. 1 and No. 3 in Minsk  in the middle of May 2017. For those who want to learn how to knit and participate in the project in May the charitable master class will be organized. The big charitable company Socks for Life will pass in Minsk and other cities of Belarus on June 1-3, on September 20-22 and on December 20-25, 2017.

We invite volunteers and active people of the senior generation to join our creative and warm project!

Additional information availible on phone: +375296800778 or you can write us

Information social and charitable

establishment of the help to children and families

“Baby Story”

UNP 192724206
Charitable account: 3135051388018
Priorbank, BIC 153001749

Purpose of payment: gratuitous donation.

We thank in advance and we hope for your active participation!


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