Project: “Wonderful octopus”

“Wonderful octopus” — the social and charitable project in support of prematurely born children. The main goal is to help the children born before term to recover and feel comfortable.

The project of aftertreatment of prematurely born children by means of the Wonderful octopus exists since January, 2013. One mother made interesting discovery. To the prematurely born kid she made a small octopus and put a toy in the couveuse. The effect was unexpected! The kid became much quieter, recovered and normalized his respiration, heartbeat and a blood stream.

Soon similar practice gained popularity in many medical institutions of Denmark, Sweden, and then Holland and Belgium. Since November, 2014 the project successfully is implemented in Ukraine, and in the fall of 2015 this project started in Russia (Moscow, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk) and Kazakhstan. In Belarus 54 skilled workers of an Internet initiative “We knit for charitable projects (Belarus)” began to realize the “Wonderful octopus” Belarus project on March 22, 2016 .

15.05.2016, 228 octopuses went to “Clinical maternity hospital of the Minsk region” to help to prematurely born children.

Wonderful octopus:
1. Help children to be abirritated, find the psychoemotional balance. Feelers of an octopus remind the baby a cord near which they were in mother’s womb. The child feels cam and secure. The soft toy is perceived by the kid at the level of instincts and is an important stage of aftertreatment.

2. Favorably influence improvement of functions of a nervous system (as the child born before term and children of more advanced age).

3. Stimulate psychoemotional development of the child.

4. Support for mother. To the woman octopus will help not to feel lonely.

Epidemiologists claim that such product meets health requirements. It can be washed and sterilized. Threads only – 100% cotton, an excipient – a hypoallergenic holofayber (файбертек). Everything is the safest for prematurely born kids: no buttons or beads.

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