Special care for the newborn

Coming to intensive care department and seeing the child for the first time, mother can be shocked. The prematurely born baby is surrounded with a large number of various medical equipment. It is necessary to monitor respiration and the general condition of the child, and also to support temperature conditions and to control functioning of many organs. The prematurely born baby can be so small and unripe that mother could not realize it.

There are various levels of medical care within the department of intensive care for newborns:

Level 1 — a couveuse for babies who need continuous monitoring of respiration and a cordial rhythm, additional oxygen, and special probe feeding.

Level 2 — for the children needing a short-term intensive care who demand support, including obtaining continuous pressure in respiratory tracts (СРАР).

Level 3 — for the newborns with body weight less than 1000 needing respiratory support (ventilation), who were born on less than 28 weeks of a gestation. Also for newborns with a serious respiratory failure who need surgical intervention.

Staff of neonatal department carries out care for the children 24 hours every day.

Among them, it is possible to meet staff, nurses, the physician of your child, and sometimes, other specialists and doctors.

This information is based on materials from www.efcni.org. Special thanks to EFCNI for their support and advice. 

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