The “Baby Story” team visited City hospital number 5

On the 26th of June, 2017 the team of experts and volunteers of social and charitable institution “Baby Story” visited pediatric unit of the second stage of nursing of newborns (with beds for prematurely born) of City hospital number 5.

The chief physician of the hospital Nazarchuk Mikhail Fedorovich and the deputy chief physician for the unit of obstetric and gynecologic help Shkrob Marina Aleksandrovna told about the idea of creation of this unit, problems which daily are solved by medical personnel of the unit, plans for the future. The manager of this unit Mishutina Aleksandra Viktorovna shared stories of little patients.

The “Baby Story” team met with mothers whose kids were born before term and are on aftertreatment in this healthcare institution. The director of “Baby Story” Mironchuk Natalya together with coordinators of projects “Wonderful octopus” and “Socks for life” gave to prematurely born children 22 knitted octopuses and 50 pairs of woolen socks. Not only drugs are able to cure! We trust in miracles!

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